Learn About Bead Crochet!

Bead crochet is a wonderful technique that dates from the early 1800s. It fell out of style in the 1950s to 1960s but has recently started to regain in popularity.  It is very light and flexible, but surprisingly tough and durable.  This is truly heirloom quality jewelry that you will be not only able, but proud to pass down to your daughters and granddaughters!

There are four steps to creating a piece of bead crochet rope jewelry. The first step is design, which includes determining the look of the finished product and breaking that pattern down to a straight sequence of beads. The second step is stringing, where each individual bead is strung on thread in the correct sequence. One mistake here will destroy the pattern, so I take great care! The third step is to crochet each of these tiny beads into a beautiful, strong and light bead rope. The fourth and final step is finishing with joins, findings and/or accent beads to complete a lovely and unique piece of jewelry.

 Most items are made to order!! Please allow 7 days until shipping (although it is usually a bit faster).  

Virtually everything I make is from patterns that are my own creation and lovingly crafted in a non-smoking and non-pet home. Due to variances that naturally occur in handmade artisan work, all my pieces are one of a kind! Most patterns are a bit flexible on the length, so I’m happy to work with you to get the sizing you want. My designs also looks great in other color combinations which I would love to explore with you.  I can also make a necklace, bracelet or earrings from almost all my patterns!

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